A project to support difficult financial situations due to the economic crisis caused by Covid-19, which will enable children to return and indulge their passion for horse riding.

Isabella Sedik was born in Milan. In 2017 she founded SEDIK-MILANO, an equestrian luxury brand exclusively made in Italy, consciously created in the city which is the epitome of fashion.

Isabella, who is of Italian and Middle-Eastern descent, has always called Milan home. SEDIK-MILANO embodies the eclectic nature of Milan, which is constantly changing, is reborn, grows and evolves, and flourishes in a combination of efficiency and style.

I wanted to make my own contribution at this difficult time with the MILAN #neverstopsjumping project which – though straightforward in its realisation – sends a positive message to everyone, so that we share a smile and a little happiness at this time, and provide real support to young people in the future.

Isabella has created a collection of T-shirts with the slogan “MILAN #neverstopsjumping” – profits from the sale will support a fundraising effort intended to provide financial support for those in need, which will enable children to return and indulge their passion for horse riding.

The T-shirt will be on sale from the end of April on the website at a reasonable price.

Sedik Milano wants to show the world that nothing can stop MILANO & HER PASSION FOR EQUESTRIAN SPORT, and her goal is to provide funds for those families who find themselves in financial difficulties as a result of the economic crisis caused by the global spread of COVID 19.

MILAN #neverstopsjumping is a message of hope and trust for everyone.

#milanoneverstopsjumping @sedik.milano #giftbysedikmilano

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