Sedik Milano is an apparel brand devoted to designing and creating unique equestrian-inspired apparel.

Established in 2017 by its founder and designer Isabella Sedik, SEDIK Milano blends in Isabella’s fashion expertise and her passion for horse riding and equestrian disciplines, promoting concepts such as elegance and attention to detail within the industry and the equestrian community.

Merging a passion for sports with a creative flair driven by an admiration of aesthetics and beauty is the latest professional endeavour Isabella has fully committed herself to by designing a new line.

The collection is imbued with simplicity and elegance, with the former representing the core of instinct, as well as the soul of the collection, and the latter being the essential component of one’s own personal style to be treasured and nourished, as an indispensable trait for one to possess and be remembered for.

Elegance is not confined to merely a few particular moments allowing one to stand out from the crowd through personal style. Care and attentiveness are no extraordinary events. They should be a constant part of our everyday life, the inspiration behind each and every action and idea, underlying our passions and free-time activities.