The Story

There’s something new in the paddock, not just the airs of horse and rider seeking to impress the spectators. A houndstooth riding jacket over white trousers with gilded leather inserts. A pair of laminated python boots. A helmet, not black velvet but vibrantly coloured leather studded with semi-precious stones.

The Amazon dismounts and, taking off her helmet but retaining her techno-glam poise, leaves the paddock to return to “life” in the same outfit.
Because this is the equestrian couture created by Isabella Sedik. Her brand, Sedik Milano, found its ideal environment in horse riding and a passion for everything it represents. Aesthetic, functional, extraordinary. The atelier channels her inspiration into the sporting world of show jumping, dressage and endurance riding.
While fashion has always drawn on equestrianism by importing symbols from it, an iconography not to be tampered with, Isabella Sedik undermines such canonical neutrality with the spirit of a woman full of exuberance and personality and no great feeling for uniforms.

The once imperturbable style of horsemen and horsewomen is given an iconoclastic blast of hyper glam, a sirocco of silk and colourful taffeta piping, the sensuality of high waists and stays, the sartorial construction of riding jackets and outerwear with leather inserts and satin linings, the vigour of laminates and python skins in colours like orange, red and fuchsia.

A blending of couture and equestrianism then, refined to the point of becoming a style in its own right. On horseback and on the ground.

Sedik Milano is simply unique.

It’s horse glam couture where the word horse is an optional depending on the occasion. Because the outfit works in and outside the competitive environment.

An hyperbole of charm that satisfies functional needs beneath a mantle of beauty. Difficult to forget such an Amazon. Also because you may see her again, just minutes later, sipping an aperitif in the bar, with the same outfit on.

A tailcoat over a tulle skirt, a body tucked into panelled trousers with orchid pink piping.

A result that Isabella Sedik, the soul of Sedik Milano, cousin of an international champion and mother of a very young and promising riding talent, achieved through intuition, experience and personality.
With an Egyptian mother and an Italian father, it’s hardly surprising Isabella has a passion for horses in her DNA, reflecting the antique traditions of Arabian equestrianism.

Abdel Said, son of her mother’s sister, started riding at the age of three and came up through the sport to become an international champion.

Her father collects equestrian paintings. Family life revolves around jumping exercises, stables and competitions, even after the birth of their daughter Isabella, who, on starting to ride horses, perhaps inevitably transmitted the passion to her mother.

But the world of stables has a rather monotonous aesthetic, straightjacketed in a uniform of black velvet helmet, dark jacket, white trousers, candid plastron-fronted shirt and black boots matching the tone of the jacket.
As an innately elegant fashion lover, Isabella was initially led by her irrepressible flair to indulge in moments of “formal rebellion”: she will never forget the day she cut some men’s T-shirts provided by the stables for training into a more feminine and sensual look. “I started looking around for craftsmen capable of making boots in unusual colours, helmets with lace inserts, untypical trousers,” says the entrepreneuse who started out as an interior designer and whose pure passion keeps her in the stables and on the field for hours. Isabella’s outfits sent shock waves through the conformist world of races and riding clubs. Time spent in the stables grew when the family bought a third horse, and Isabella’s creativity blossomed into outfits for her daughter Vittoria Carlotta that aroused such curiosity they became an event within the event.

Isabella’s personal collection had by this time reached 25 decidedly eye-catching items: laminated leather boots, orange python, déco helmets, unusually styled trousers and belts. Expensive objects, craft creations.
Till the opportunity to turn this passion into a business arose, in 2015, at the Verona Fair: “My cousin had just won a Gran Prix, a riding friend of mine was wearing my garments with success. I realized I had everything it takes to transform a passion into a business”. Further confirmation came from FISE circles (Italian Equestrian Sports Federation) and companies well consolidated in the sector, such as producers of crafted boots and world-leading makers of riding helmets, enthusiastic about the uncontainable creativity of Sedik Milano.

Isabella’s first line of boots, for which she personally chose the leather, colours and compositions, appeared in her stand at the Verona Fair.

In the staid milieu of equestrianism, a handful of exquisitely crafted gold lamina boots, fuchsia uppers and artistic reptile skins were more than enough to dismantle conformist superficiality and raise the banner of shockingly anti-conventional artistry.

But it wasn’t only the footwear line that got noticed. With help from a young Tuscan couturier, Isabella assembled a veritable techno-couture collection, which she exhibited on gilded papier-mâché mannequins.

Sedik Milano is luxury.

Pure, distilled: an alchemy of haute couture and true Italian craftsmanship. Made in Italy in the real sense of the words. Every piece is designed with both function and style in mind to achieve a perfect marriage of glamour and ergonomics.

First and foremost, the tailcoat, perfectly constructed for equestrian needs with high fashion fabrics and embroidery.

Sedik Milano makes balanced use of eco leather, neoprene and elasticized satin to model garments that provide ease of movement without even momentarily compromising the sense of beauty, the aesthetic perfection of jacket, couture trousers and gilet. The details are those of an atelier collection: green, cyclamen pink and white silk piping, fabric-lined, laminated or shiny buttons. Gilets graced by embroidery and precious linings. Marvellous high waisted panelled trousers with vibrant green piping standing out from black technical material in a perfect combination of charm and functionality.

Such is the virtuous marriage of fashion and equestrian technical content that flared skirts from the archives of the Seventies or long swirling chiffon dresses appear beneath the tails of riding coats (often graced by gilded leather). Velvet muffs sport croco prints. Silk chiffons play with lamé leather and linings flash with colour from within the rigorous elegance of black.

The outfits display admirable creative coherence: the white trousers with gilded leather panels, for example, go nicely with both the riding coat with laminated tails and the houndstooth jacket.

And this is where accessories define the break with the traditional, where the collection’s creative vigour really lets rip. Because Isabella Sedik’s boots, having ruffled up spirits at the Verona Fair, have completely subverted customary style by bringing regal Italian craftsmanship to equestrian circles, to the dressage arenas and show jumping courses.

For you can jump just as well with magnificent laminated python, orange, gold or silver uppers, or bright fuchsia boots in the stirrups. True, it takes personality, as it does to don a couture helmet with not only unusually coloured leather but also Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones or lace.

The first Sedik Milano capsule has ten pieces: two tailcoats, of which the Precious with printed lapels and other exquisite detailing, and the Simply Elegant with technical fabrics and bespoke-functional construction, a show jumping jacket with elasticized linings (orange, green or red), two gilets, three trousers, two normal and one a corset-style model with stays and panels in the waist, and two sensual and high-performance bodysuits.


The Sedik Milano collection was designed for both standard sizes and tailor-made versions, ie. made to fit the customer’s body and with other completely customized features.


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