Sedik Milan was born as a true horse-glam couture where the outfit, though sartorially manufactured but technically conceived for competition, allows you to stand proudly inside and outside the competition arena. A goal that can be achieved only with intuition, experience, determination, character and personality.

Insight into the creation

of technically perfect garments and accessories to fit and perform at the best during competitions and training

Elegance by designing

a total look created with the same sharp attention and dedicated precision of a sartorial couture.

Liberty to interpret one's own style

with precious clothing and accessories that express one's way of being and nature, in the arena as well as in everyday life.

Power into innovation

innovation of the equestrian garment and accessoies that exploit the materials peculiarity and the best techniques by adapting them to new style archetypes.

Grace in breaking the patterns

patterns that are revolutionized with elegance and class, designed to enhance and modernize without ever forgetting its origins.

Contact info

+39 327 21.90.176
Via Vittor Pisani, 13 - 20124, Milano